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Biblical Hebrew Alphabet is available to purchase from Catholic Centre, Hong Kong

Bookshop Hebrew HongKong

We're pleased to announce that our Biblical Hebrew Alphabet flash cards are now available to purchase from Catholic Centre, Hong Kong!

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Remembering Hiragana with the help of flash cards that are largely available with CardDia

Hiragana Japanese languages

Learning Hiragana with flash card

The best reason to learn from the CardDia Hiragana Flash Cards is the characters and the pronunciation of the same are written on the flash card and you carry it wherever you want to go...


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CardDia Flashcards is promoting a giveaway for Collection of Country Flags!

We are promoting a giveaway with Goodreads, the winner will get one free copy of Collection of Country Flags (full set)!


CardDia Flashcards giveaway

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Christmas Sales now on from CardDia Flashcards!

Christmas Sales 2015 from CardDia Flashcards 

Thank you for patronizing our flashcards. To show that we value your loyalty and support, we are offering 20% discount on all our items.

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Review from Luca Toma on CardDia flashcards - Japanese Hiragna and Katakana

Hiragana Japanese Katakana Luca Toma review

Luca Toma review on CardDia Flashcards
Thanks to Luca Toma, the founder of Japanese Coaching, for writing such a detailed review about our flashcards - Japanese Hiragna and Katakana. The review has been published on his blog.

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