16 language learning problems Olly Richards struggle with every day

16 language learning problems that Olly Richards struggles with every day


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Olly Richards, who can speak 7 languages, shared his struggle with language learning problems...

  1. Preparing for my Skype conversations in advance
  2. Having the courage to speak to strangers
  3. Studying every day
  4. Learning two languages at the same time
  5. Remembering to review my flashcards as often as I should
  6. Taking the time to regularly practise and maintain my old languages
  7. Writing a new script from the beginning
  8. Going back over written corrections from my teacher
  9. Speaking another language in front of lots of people
  10. Spending enough time on listening as a beginner
  11. Staying motivated to study when I don’t have friends around me
  12. Reading anything longer than 3-4 pages
  13. Going back to review things I’ve written in my notebook
  14. Doing anything at all when I’m not in the mood
  15. Finding ways to be genuinely immersed in the target language
  16. Telling language partners and tutors to please stop speaking in English

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