How to Motivate Yourself in 10 Easy Steps

How to Motivate Yourself in 10 Easy Steps


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Some people fall prey to chronic procrastination and fail to turn their intentions into actions. Others consistently power through low-energy moments and lead more impactful lives.

What separates these two groups?

To get insight into what actually works, Michael Simmons interviewed many of the country’s most successful entrepreneurs and business leaders whose records speak for themselves. He's conclusion comes with 10 steps:

  1. Leverage the Chameleon Effect
  2. Turn Your Vendor Into Your Accountability Partner
  3. Precommit When You Know You’re Going to Procrastinate
  4. Reconnect With Your Deepest Reservoir of Inspiration
  5. Be Like Steve Jobs. Set Aside Time to Think in Places That Spark Creativity.
  6. Take a Daily 15-Minute Walk to Eliminate Brain Fog
  7. Work Out Before Making Hard Decisions
  8. Make Following Through a Core Value
  9. Get the Ripple Perspective
  10. 10. Start the Day by Closing Open Loops

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