Biblical scholar Dr Jody Barnard's review on CardDia Flashcards

Review from Jody Barnard on our Biblical Greek Alphabet flahscards

Greek Language Review

Dr Jody A. Barnard, who is a scholar of the New Testament and author of "The Mysticism of Hebrew", has written a review on our Biblical Greek Alphabet flahscards, this review is published on his news page under Biblical Greek Tuition website.

review by Jody Barnard on CardDia Flashcards

Many thanks to Jody Barnard for providing us with this honest review. The most encouraging aspect of this review is that Jody mentions our flashcard set Biblical Greek Alphabet is "The most comprehensive Alphabet flashcards on the market"!

As a Doctor of Philosophy in New Testament Studies, Jody comments our flashcards with professional insight, not just on the good things, but also on the down side, especially on the pronunciation. His comments will definitely encourage us and improve our future.

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