Review from Luca Toma on CardDia flashcards - Hiragna and Katakana

Review from Luca Toma on CardDia flashcards - Japanese Hiragna and Katakana

Hiragana Japanese Katakana Luca Toma review

Thanks to Luca Toma, the founder of Japanese Coaching, for writing such a detailed review about our flashcards - Japanese Hiragna and Katakana. The review has been published on his blog...
Luca Toma review on CardDia Flashcards
Luca Toma is a language expert who can speak Italian (mother tongue), English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Mandarin, he used to be a lecturer of Japanese and Italian at different European universities.

We appreciate Luca's positive comments on our flashcards set "Japanese Syllabary (full set) - Hiragana and Katakana". He does not only mention the benefits of this product, but also explain pros and cons of the digital flashcards and paper flashcards.

Read Luca Toma's review:

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