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New product released: Prefectural Flags of Japan

Flags Geography Japanese

Our latest product - Prefectural Flags of Japan is now available at our Store.

 Japanese flags flashcards

This set comes with 47 cards collecting all Prefectural Flags of Japan.

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Flags of the world flashcards can be of great help for students at all times


The usage of flashcards is being used to a great extent in the recent times in various educational and other learning institutions to make the process of learning quite easy for individuals. It basically includes the usage of paper with diagrams and pictorial representation of various subjects on the papers to make the process of learning both fun and interesting for the students. Importance of these cards in the educational field Flags of the world flashcards are basically used to enable the students to memorize the national flags if various countries with great ease. Each flashcard is incorporated with the...

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CardDia Flashcards on-line store fully encrypted with SSL

CardDia Flashcards secured SSL

We have employed SSL encryption technology to protect your personal information, not for your checkout process only, but for all pages you visit on our web site...

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New product released: Roman Numerals

Product released Roman numerals

Roman Numeral flashcards

Our latest product - Roman Numerals is now available at our Store.

This set comes with 71 cards collecting the most important Roman numerals in the range of 1 to 2016.

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Hebrew Alphabet Flashcards can make Hebrew very easy to master

Alphabet Hebrew Language

The trouble of learning an archaic or biblical language is that there are no more texts widely produced in this language and there are very few classes offering courses on them. However that does not demotivate many people from mastering this language. Hebrew is one of the richest languages having its own heritage value. Many ancient texts are available only in this language without any translated editions. So, academicians and scholars are very much interested to master it to delve into the rich literature still unread due to lack of translators in Hebrew. Though one can get translations of many...

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