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Biblical Hebrew Alphabet is available to purchase from Catholic Centre, Hong Kong

Bookshop Hebrew HongKong

We're pleased to announce that our Biblical Hebrew Alphabet flash cards are now available to purchase from Catholic Centre, Hong Kong!

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Hebrew Alphabet Flashcards are an amazing way to Learn Hebrew

flashcards Hebrew languages Learning

Learning Hebrew Alphabet with flash cards

Hebrew is a language that needs repeated practise to master it. Since the language is not an easy one to learn, you need continuous practise to get the language in your grasp. A recent way to learn the language is through the usage of flashcards. Flashcards are basically cards that contain information on certain topics that are oriented on both sides of the cards. These cards are basically used for the purpose of self-study or are used at institutions for the purpose of teaching people.

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Introducing Biblical Hebrew Study Guide

Become a partner Biblical Hebrew Study Guide Hebrew

Biblical Hebrew Study Guide

Shalom and welcome to the exciting experience of learning biblical Hebrew.

On my website, the Biblical Hebrew Study Guide you can find many resources, useful links, study material, and tips for the beginner as well as the advanced student of biblical Hebrew.

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New product released: Biblical Hebrew Alphabet

Alphabet Flashcards Hebrew Language New product

The flashcard set Biblical Hebrew Alphabet is now available at our store!

This card set comes with 52 cards collect all Biblical Hebrew alphabets including consonants and vowels, consonant cards also include Dagesh and final form of the letter....

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