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Spying on penguins for science


Penguin Watch is a citizen science project that lets people analyze images of penguins taken at locations across Antarctica. The pictures are processed by experts to help inform climate change policy in the region...

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5 Reasons Why People Learn Italian


Serena Pasqualetto, a teacher of Italian to foreigners, who comes up with 5 reasons why people learn Italian...

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Can you solve this maths question?

Learning and education

A challenging GCSE maths question has left students so confused and angry that they are calling on the exam board to lower its grade boundaries.

The conundrum, set by Edexcel, involves a girl called Hannah, her bag of sweets and a perplexing equation...

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How to Motivate Yourself in 10 Easy Steps


Some people fall prey to chronic procrastination and fail to turn their intentions into actions. Others consistently power through low-energy moments and lead more impactful lives.

What separates these two groups?...

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Does the open internet and resources increase equity?

Learning and education

"Salman Khan, founder of Khan Academy, believes that in order to benefit from online learning, people need to take ownership of their education in order to make an impact. "

"But Marc Sollinger from PRI argues that there are still quite a few barriers that prevent Khan's vision of democratized education from becoming reality."

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