Greek Alphabet flashcards with lowercase and uppercase (Koine)

Biblical Greek Alphabet (Including Capital and Small Form, Diacritic marks and Punctuation marks)

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Our selection of 59 high-quality flashcards will introduce you to all the letters of the Biblical Greek alphabet in both upper and lowercase, complete with diacritics and punctuation marks. They have been carefully crafted with durable paper and a glossy coating to ensure water and tear resistance.

On one side of each card is a letter, while on the other is its English name, Greek name, uppercase/lowercase designations, transliteration, pronunciation instructions, manuscript form appearance, and even how to draw it!

We also include an informative chart illustrating the Greek Alphabet for easy reference. All this in standard playing card size - conveniently compact for learning on the go.


  • 59 flashcards collect all Biblical Greek alphabets in lowercase and uppercase, including Diacritic marks and Punctuation marks
  • One side displays a letter, the other side displays its English name, Greek name, uppercase/lowercase, transliteration, pronunciation, and manuscript form, as well as its stroke-order
  • Product includes a sheet of a Greek Alphabet chart
  • Durable paper with glossy coating, water and tear resistant
  • Standard playing card size, easy to carry


Especially for:
  • Biblical Greek beginners
  • Seminary students
  • Teachers and tutors of Biblical Greek
  • Card orientation: Landscape
  • Card size: 89 x 63.5 mm
  • Card coating: Matt varnishing
  • Materials: 250 gsm artboard (cards), 350 gsm craft paper (box)
  • Box size: W: 67 x H: 91 x D: 21 mm
  • ISBN: 9789881450982



Comments from experts:

Jody Barnard portrait
"The amount of information contained in such a small space is truly impressive, and must make these the most comprehensive Alphabet flashcards on the market. The inclusion of the manuscript form(s) of the letters is particularly noteworthy, and will be a great help to students who a planning on reading Greek manuscripts directly."
-- Dr Jody A. Barnard, founder of Biblical Greek Tuition


Card List:

  1. Α
  2. Β
  3. Γ
  4. Δ
  5. Ε
  6. Ζ
  7. Η
  1. more...

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