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Japanese Syllabary - Katakana (with stroke-order diagrams and example words)

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If you are preparing yourself to learn the Japanese language then this card set will be helpful to you. You will get to know about the basic things of this language. The flash card deck Japanese Syllabary - Katakana is designed in such a way that will help you to learn the language easily and the pictures of the cards will help you to memorise the words quickly!

The Katakana characters are printed on the one side of these cards and the other side shows the example words. These items are very effective and useful for the students who are going to start learning the Japanese language. The valuable information of these items is really beneficial for the learners as they will be able to learn the language effortlessly. These items are easy to carry and you can take these papers with yourself wherever you are going and you can practice your lessons there. 

  • 104 flashcards cover all Japanese Katakana characters (including Monographs, Digraphs and Diacritics)
  • One side displays a character, the other side displays its Romaji, stroke-order diagrams, Hiragana equivalent and common words
  • 243 example words
  • Product includes the table of Katakana sheet
  • Durable paper with glossy coating, water and tear resistant
  • Standard playing card size, easy to carry


Especially for:
  • Japanese beginners
  • Teachers and tutors of Japanese Language
  • Card orientation: Landscape
  • Card size: 89 x 63.5 mm
  • Card coating: Matt varnishing
  • Materials: 250 gsm artboard (cards), 350 gsm craft paper (box)
  • Box size: W: 67 x H: 91 x D: 34 mm
  • ISBN: 9789881450968



Card List:

  1. ア 
  2. イ 
  3. ウ 
  4. エ  
  5. オ 
  6. カ  
  7. キ  
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 8 reviews
      Great for starting out

      These have been very helpful with learning the basic japanese characters. Good build quality, similar to a standard deck of playing cards. Should last a long time if not abused.

      Joan Shiosaka
      Easy to read for learners

      I got the Katakana stack because I already knew how usuful the Hiragana stack was. They are both super easy to use, and it helps to have visual aid such as these cards when it comes to learning japanese from start.

      LEarning japanese quick!

      Whenever i go out i take 4-5 flashcards with me and read them occasionally while out! really helps you reinforce what you need to know throughout the day! No excuses! get started now!

      Mason Johnson
      Great for studying on the go.

      Cards show a lot of helpful info not just the symbol, Small and easy to carry around wherever you go, and a great price!

      Fantastic cards, perfect to kickstart learning Japanese

      These cards are great, I ordered the Katakana and Hirigana at the same time, they arrived very fast (going to take like 2 months for my Genki books to get here) and made with a sturdy enough material i'll be moving on to words and reading before they ever wear out.

      I keep them in a clear plastic case i got for 2 bucks at a tabletop gaming store meant to hold baseball cards. I study with them 1-3 hours a night and i havent even seen any signs of wear yet. the edges are gettin much darker from my oily hands though but its been like a week that ive been using them every night!

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