Astronomical Objects flashcards | Solar System objects, stars and galaxies

Astronomical Objects: Solar System Planets, Minor Planets, Satellites, Galaxies, Clusters, Nebulae...

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Unleash your curiosity and embark on a cosmic journey with our captivating Astronomical Object Flashcards! Explore the solar system and beyond, as each meticulously crafted card reveals the wonders of celestial bodies. From the beautiful planets and their satellites to galaxies, clusters, and nebulae, every card showcases breathtaking imagery that brings the universe to life. Immerse yourself in a world of cosmic beauty and expand your knowledge of the cosmos. Engaging learners of all ages, these flashcards are gateways to a deeper understanding of our vast universe. Let your imagination soar as you unlock the secrets of the stars, one card at a time. Ready to explore?

  • 52 flashcards cover all planets in the solar system, some minor planets, famous natural satellites, galaxies, clusters, and nebulae
  • One side displays an image, and the other displays its name (with an abbreviation or astronomical symbol), structure, and brief descriptions. Both sides are printed in full-color
  • High-resolution photos, many taken from NASA
  • Item includes Universe Infographic
  • Durable paper with a glossy coating, water, and tear-resistant
  • Standard playing card size, easy to carry


  • Card orientation: Landscape
  • Card size: 89 x 63.5 mm
  • Materials: 250 gsm artboard (cards), 350 gsm craft paper (box)
  • Box size: W: 67 x H: 91 x D: 21 mm
  • ISBN: 9789881451019



Card List:

  1. The Sun
  2. The Moon
  3. Phobos
  4. Deimos
  5. Io
  6. Europa
  7. Ganymede
  1. more...

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